Friday, July 1, 2011

Beauty DIY with Judy 老师

Judy Lin Ye Ting 林叶亭老师, Taiwan’s 女人我最大 (Lady First's) renowned celebrity fashion & beauty stylist was here in Singapore over the weekend of 24–26 June 2011 @ Tampines One Atrium...
 Judy Lin 老师 flew all the way from Taiwan for an exclusive series of Shills’ Beauty Crash Course. In chinese - 《美人速成班》. We got the chance to see her in person on stage all thanks to Beauty Bistro.

All the audience including us (wendy, Lynn & I) gathered around the stage... waiting patiently for Judy Lin Ye Ting 林叶亭老师 to be on stage...

  We are READY for “Beauty DIY with Judy

~ The jovial host - Nick ~

Finally, Judy Lin Ye Ting 林叶亭老师 was on stage... The Taiwanese media has named her an “ageless beauty”. She is also a regular consultant on Taiwan 女人我最大 (Lady First) programmes. She has published several books on beauty and styling.

During the talk show, she showcased and revealed the best-kept secrets to attain the desired hairdo, complexion & figure! There were interactive & fun games, and live demonstrations on slimming, hair care & skin care as well...

First segment was on slimming... The latest product from Shills - Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour...
 LIVE demo.... Judy applied the Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour on one of the audience's arm and started to massage her arm for 10-15mins... We witnessed the results instantly... MIRACLE indeed!

SHILLS Miracle-Lift 157% Body Contour

A self-heating treatment cream helps to reduce fatty deposits by applying an appropriate amount to arms, thighs, tummy or any concern areas and massage into skin for better results.

With specially added powerful ingredients which helps to penetrate into deeper skin layers when massaged on skin... It will effectively shrink cellulite, tighten & sooth skin, increasing skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and skin sagging signs.

ANOSA Fit Patch

Fit Patch comes perfect for those who wants to stay in shape even when they are sleeping or working in a office... The patch gradually releases a deep heat effect to improve metabolism and breaking down stubborn cellulite just like you are in the sauna...

Firms, tones and flattens the targeted areas with moisturizing effect. With more active ingredients added... This product will significantly improve slimming results and ideals for bedtime use.

SHILLS Magical Hair Volumizer

You can obtain a natural volume and a wavy hairdo with this product... A perfect look that has a long-lasting and non-sticky effect for hair finishing that’s as light as air. It helps to achieve 3-D volume even with thin, wispy hair, but most importantly, it is easy to use and does not clog scalp pores and add volume to the hair.

Camellia extracts is added to smoothen and protect hair from damage, restoring the hair strength and vitality. Rich ingredients that help to regulate excess scalp oil, giving the best hair protection and 3-D styling effects and lastly with excellent antibacterial properties. 


An unique volumizing powder that gives up to 3X your hair volume... Strong hold, long -lasting and non-sticky finishing look. Say bye bye to flat & lifeless hair, all you have to do is dust your hair :)

WHITE 540° Whitening Anti-Pigmentation Series

SHILLS White Anti-Dark Spot Whitening Serum
SHILLS White EX Whitening & Brightening Cream
SHILLS White EX SPF 42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation

This series provides moisturizing comfort, revealing fairer, brighter-looking for the skin. With Licorice extract, it protects the skin from environmental pollutants and improves cell metabolism... Skin-Glowing and improves rough skin texture. The products penetrate deep into skin layers, eventually helps to regain fairer, crystal clear skin.

SHILLS White EX SPF 42 PA++ Sunblock Whitening Hydra-Foundation caught my attention dring the demostration... This foundation provides UV protection, skin repair and hydrating properties. It will help to beautify the skin by creating a radiant, crystal clear complexion and at the same time moisturizing the skin too...

This unique whitening foundation works like a BB cream as it will help to conceal fine lines as well...

SHILLS Moisturizing and Whitening Cold Gel Mask

Judy 老师 claimed this product as one of her favourite (,") Let us see why she loves this cold mask so much...
This Whitening Cold Mask gives the skin an instant rush of coolness. Cools and refreshes the skin during hot weather It helps to soothe skin that has been under the sun for hours, This product is suitable for all skin types.

The WhiteningCold Mask provides a supple taut and translucent skin after application... For my attendance for the talk-show, Beauty Bistro given me the personalized goodie bag of 2 complimentary products of my choice for the products review later on...
Stay tuned for my reviews on ANOSA Fit Patch & SHILLS Clarifying Toner :)

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