Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Authentic Thai Cuisine

We went for our dinner @ Por Jai on random weekend... My second visit as I love their Coconut Tom Yam Seafood. As everybody who reads my blog knows that I am very into FourSquare... Guess what! I just stole the mayor ship of this eatery place from the previous mayor... YAY! I am NOW the mayor of Por Jai Authentic Thai Restaurant... 

We had cold drinks today, as the weather in Singapore is really very humid these few days...
I love this dish - Prawn Cakes with Plum Sauce, crispy outside and savoury inside.

Baby loves these Crabmeat Rolls very much, but for me, I found the taste similar to 'Ngor Hiang' 

As everybody knows Kang Kong is always stir-fried with Sambal... This eatery place offers a different cooking style for Kang Kong... This traditional way that I ordered - Stir Fried Kang Kong with Garlic with Cut Chilli. It tasted very delicious!

The star dish of the day - Coconut Tom Yam Seafood :) This dish makes us come back for more. The soup was authentic and very delicious... Love the spicy-ness and it whet up our appetites. Thumbs Up!

The food was pretty good as a whole! This time, the service is kinda bad (luckily, there was no service charge imposed in the bill). Hope to see some improvement when we patron back again. The damage was SGD38.40...

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