Monday, July 18, 2011

HTC Cha Cha Party

Attended the Most Checked-in Party @ Zouk, this awesome party was presented by SingTel & HTC... This party bears another name called the HTC Cha Cha Party as HTC celebrated the exclusive launch of the HTC Cha Cha smart phone...

I love the Facebook-themed party... We were given RFID tags that upon checking in at the special booths, our locations would be captured on our Facebook account wall...  That was amazing!
Upon registration, we took some pictures against the photo-wall  - A giant SingTel  > HTC Cha Cha facebook wall...

~ The setting of the interior ~

We ‘LIKE and checked-in to 'Farm Story', which was a sweet corner for ice-cream lovers... YES! Ben & Jerry was there to give out FREE ice-cream for all the guests in the house!

We also ‘LIKE’ Angry Birds and checked-in ourselves for the REAL-LIFE Angry Birds game with the giant catapult...

I love FREE FLOW of drinks @ the bar...

The crowd started to form after 7.45pm... The host of this event was Bobby Tonelli...  I love one of the stage gamesGuess the abbreviation! OMG... I then realize that there was quite a number of abbrev(s). that we often use in msn, sms or even whatsapp... I  don’t even know what they stand for  @_@... But now after this event,  I think my knowledge for that has been leveled up... Hahaha!

Photo time  J

With Shu Qing

With Darren

With HP

Collated photos in nice layout frames....

Lastly, a few group photos .... Props to SingTel & HTC, was a successful event indeed!

This was the RFID tag that were given to the FIRST 500 party-goers.... This device allowed us to post instant updates to our facebook account with just a swipe scan during the party event.

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