Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Indulge

Weekend dinners are always the best mealtimes to dine in as there is no tension from work nor is there a rush for time... RELAX AAHHH!!!

 We went for an early dinner @ Centrepoint, once again... We settled for Ichiban Boshi which is located on the first level of the mall...

This time round, we ordered 4 sides to go with our main course... We had Unagi Shitake Sushi - my newly found love, Potato Croquette - my all-time fave item, Ebi Roe Sushi - Baby's fave and lastly Chuka Hotato, which Baby didn't really fancy at all :(

Due to my forgetfulness, I took 2 photos only -_-
Baby's main course - Wagyu Hayashi Rice Set.

The meat was so tender.... I love the gravy loads!

I had Nabeyaki Udon, this item was listed as 'Chief Recommendation' on the menu...

I love the soup, it tasted pretty tasty after the runny egg yolk was mixed into the broth.

I redeemed the 2 scoops of ice-cream from the loyalty card... In addition, I surrendered the card for a SGD20 voucher... We had a satisfactory dinner there and the damage was SGD55.

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