Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner

Received SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner through Beauty Bistro via Beauty DIY with Judy 老师

This product claims that it helps to tighten pores and to prevent formation of acnes and blackheadS and also absorbs excessive sebum oil from the face. It helps to reduce redness and inflamed skin. It also helps to lock in moisture and prevents skin from being irritated by polluted air...

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I have been using this product for 3 weeks... It helps to moisturize my face and my skin feels supple. I noticed that my face is whiter now as compared to before, as this product helps to whiten the skin-tone as well.

I use it daily for keeping my face fresh and clean... as this product is not harsh to my skin and I don't feel any sting or feel discomfort after application on my face.

As the product contains some powder in it, remember to shake well to activate the astringing molecules after extracting of acne or blackheads, it will calm down the skin rapidly...

SHILLS Pore Minimizer Clarifying Toner is available at BHG, all John Little, OG and SaSa outlets... For online purchase or more information about this product, please visit Beauty Bistro. Find them in Facebook or Twitter too :)

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