Saturday, July 16, 2011

KOSE Products Review

~ I am back to my tiny review corner ~

INFINITY KOSE Serum Completion II

INFINITY KOSE Serum Completion II is rich and fully moist concentrated. It creates a glow which comes from within the skin, and provides a feeling of long-lasting moisture. Highly recommended for dry skins and uneven skin-tones.

The INFINITY series - Serum Completion II is very much different from other serums because the texture of the serum is in milky lotion or emulsion form.
Although the Infinity series falls under the Anti-aging range but this serum is surprisingly light and absorbs pretty fast in to the skin. After a serum application, I feel that my skin is suppler and smoother.

 Next is SEKKISEI SUPREME Whitening Eye Cream

This eye cream provides concentrated care to eyes that are prone to dullness and prevents blemishes and freckles caused by sunburn... Keep the delicate eye areas hydrated all day.
I love the pure scent of the oriental plants, as it gives me a relaxing sensation...
It firms up my eye areas and the ingredients will improve the blood circulation around my eye areas to prevent dark eyes circles...

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