Friday, July 8, 2011

We are soup lovers....

Baby & I went to KSL CITY for some shopping & makan-ing... After some purchases, we settled down @ 汤师父 [Tang Shifu] for an early dinner. My second visit as I love their nutritious soup.

~ Love the oriental ambience and the long antique bench ~

~Jess Baby is looking forward for her nutritious meal ~

They served Guava with 'Chen Pi' as appetizer. I enjoyed it as it was quite addictive due to the sour plum powder...

We ordered 慈禧珍珠花茶 [Autumn Tea]

~ Black Sesame Bun ~

The filing was delicious and the thickness of the bun was just perfect... I am simply in love  the buns!

~ Meatballs with Shark fins & Dried Scallops ~

~ Angelica Stewed Pork with Rice ~

 ~ Premium Seafood Hotpot ~

The damage was RM80 (SGD34)... We had a delightful meal and the price was pretty decent too. I love the flavourful soup to the bits... Patronage back is MUST for us :)

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