Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dinner @ Forture Seafood Steam Boat

Baby surprised me by bringing me to a new place to have dinner... We reached Forture Seafood Steam Boat restaurant. They are located along Bukit Timah road… Pretty near to King Albert Park. This eatery place has a weird spelling though... Is it supposed to be named Fortune or Forture? I was comforted by discovering that it had ratings from Makansutra...

 They served Achar as appetizer. It tasted quite spicy, but overall was alright.
I love veggies... This dish tasted good and not oily at all, hence it made a perfect healthy green dish.

We had hot-plate tofu. The sauce is spicy just like chilli crab gravy and baby enjoyed it very much.

The star of the day that we had was the signature - Assam style Curry Fish Head. It was pretty delicious. Definitely is a must-order dish!

I love every bits of it... The sauce was super addictive, such that I can finished a full plate of rice.

The damage was decent too... We were pleased with our affordable meal. We paid SGD34 after 10% off when you foot the bill via NETS...

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