Saturday, July 9, 2011

Peking Duck for Brunch

Baby brought my parents to a very posh restaurant to have our brunch... It was our first time patronizing Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck @ Paragon on a random weekend...

This eatery place is really very impressive. The moment we stepped onto its luxurious carpets, sat down on plush sofas & basked in the mood lightings, the classy deco made our dining experience even better...   

The star of our meal was undoubtedly the whole Peking Duck, delicately roasted to perfection... 

The chef carved out a few special pieces of duck skin for us to go with the unpolished sugar... This is the first and the best way to enjoy this delicacy...

The Peking Duck was deliciously succulent and enough to share among the four of us. The chef carved out the duck with a generous meat which made it taste better when eating the duck crepe. The Peking duck is nicely roasted over lychee fragranced hardwood fuel... I enjoyed it very much.

It was done in a traditional Beijing rather than Hong Kong's manner, whereby the skin is sliced with a generous amount of meat with it, and is then scented by the lychee wood used in the oven. The hand-made flour crepe, which is thin and yet elastic make the whole Peking Duck is 'super' success. The best Peking Duck crepe dish I have eaten.

We had an array of dim sum choices at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, apart from the spectacular Peking Duck dish.

The soy sauce of Scallop Rice Roll tasted very delicious that brought the whole dish pretty well...

The dough was soft for the Char Siew Bao and the filling tasted good as well... Yummy Buns!!

Braised Chicken Feet... Poppy's fave!

Har Gaw wrapped in translucent skin, taste pretty good… I love the freshness of the prawns.

Pan-fried Chive Dumplings - Mommy's fave!

OM! The filling for the Siew Mai was insanely tasty and juicy.

Pan–Fried Carrot Cake, Our fave!

Fried Ee Fu Mee with the leftover duck meat >>> Tasted normal, nothing to shout about, but Baby enjoyed it very much.

It was a hefty price to pay for this weekend brunch... The damage was SGD136.30. 

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