Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RKM weekend actitives

Spent our random weekend away from bustling city... Here we go @ Sentosa. As the weather was scorching that day, we decided to head down to Siloso Beach for some cold yummy ice-cream. Yes, we went to New Zealand Natural, for this is my fave ice-cream haunt apart from Ben & Jerry...

We had Cookies n Cream... The safest choice which you will never go wrong... Hahaha!

Next, some beer drinking session @ Bikini Bar... There was an in-house promotion going on for happy hour before 6pm, we decided to go for it...

Waiting for our drink to come... Snapped a pix my baby waiting eagerly for his beer

A sweaty me as the weather was REALLY scorching that day

Finally our ice cold beer came... We had Asahi Premium :) 
Different expressions from Baby.... Next was shopping @ Candylicious (:

Cute Jelly Belly mascot was roaming around outside the store... So I took a snap with it. Hahaha!

Cam-whoring against the Candylicious van/truck

Some random photos from Candylicious

Finally, before we left RWS, we signed up the RWS membership that allows us to enjoy dining perks, 50% off hotel accommodation, universal Studio admission and etc... The membership card will be mailed to us in about 1 month times, meanwhile we were issued a temporary card (as shown below). As an appreciation of signing up the card, we were given a RWS Key Ring...

Signing up the membership card is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE, just head down to RWS (Waterfront Station) and sign up at the booth...

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